Simplify your life with me!

Welcome all, my name is Russ Pearson. First and for most I am a Father and Christian, soon to be Grandfather. After that I have many titles, Social media Enthusiast,  Instructional Designer, Teacher, Web Designer, and Traveler. Aside from my family, I have two passions.  The first and the focus of this web site is travel and moving towards a simple life. I would love to share with you my travels, adventures and life as I work towards that. My fiancée Paula and I are in the process of converting a 2001 Thomas School Bus into a tiny home on wheels. And plan to live full time in it someday. In the mean time,  I work at a community college in Illinois working with Educational Technology. I have a passion for implementing new and innovative technologies into the classroom and online. I am interested in all things E-Learning. I am a big propionate of life long learning and believe education can be the key to a better life for many people.

If you want to learn more about my journey or take it with me, I am all over social media. You can find me on: