Down sizing takes strategy

If you have been a collector like me you too have way more stuff than you need or even want at this point. Deciding how to get rid of things is not always easy, so some kind of strategy is needed. I have developed an simple and straight forward way of looking at what you have and deciding what you should keep. You can do this house wide or as I am going to do it, room by room.

First start with those things you need. These include things you need day to day, personal hygiene items, some cloths (not necessarily everything), furniture that meets your day to day needs and so on. Those items are the easy ones, you use them often and regularly.

Next up are those things you wish to keep for personal reasons. This gets a little bit tricky, but you need to be honest with yourself. They are special to you for some reason, sentimental items or family heirlooms. Maybe it is an item you want to pass on to the next generation or share with them at some point. Now looking at these items, if there are a lot, do you really need all of them? Can you get by with a few? Would someone else value them as much as you and you can share that with them? One thing I think about here, is when I pass and my kids have to go threw my stuff, will I be placing a burden on them with the items I have.

Next week we will continue this process with way to shed ourselves of our extra stuff.

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