Shedding ourselves of our extra stuff. Maybe sell it?

Once you have those items you feel comfortable letting go of, how do you do it. After all you have them for a reason right? Some may mean to you. Some may have been collect with some intent in mind. Maybe some were as an investment, to sell at a later date.

Well here it get tricky and depends a little bit on your circumstance. The easy way out, would be to pile it all up and donate it. That does feel a bit cold after all you had this stuff for a reason. If you decide not to just donate it in bulk, you need a plan, a strategy. You can go a couple different ways depending on how much stuff you have and honestly on its value to others. Maybe it is worth your time and effort to sell your extra stuff. This could be a rummage sale, an online auction or an online sales site. If you go this route try to remember your time has value too and you might be turning your stuff into a burden on yourself. This is a decision only you can make. For myself, I have a few collectable items and I will be selling those online. But the majority of what I have is not worth my time and energy to try to sell. My stuff has more sentimental value than monetary value.

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