Shedding ourselves of our extra stuff. Give it away.

So this is the third post in this series. We have slowly and thoughtfully widdled our extra stuff down. We have decided what we want to keep and what we don’t. Maybe we found a few items we wish to sell. The rest we now need to find new homes for. For me personally, family is very important to me so they get first crack so to speak at this stuff. For me I have family and friends that may want some of this stuff. I will start with my two adult kids, are there things they would like to have? If so let them have it. Next my sister and cousins, I have things they may want, so I will share that with them. Being the oldest of the oldest has sort of made me the keeper of the family stuff. I really dislike this role and feel it is a bit of a burden sometimes. I do feel sometimes that passing these items to them would be passing that burden to them. But I guess that is there choice. What remains still needs a home though. Find local charities or organizations that can put your items to use.

It is important to remember at some point you may have items you decided you did not need and it seams no one wants them. You must be okay with the going to the landfill. Don’t change your mind and hang onto these item. Be strong and remember keeping these items at this point only makes you feel better and has not purpose. A simple life is a happy life.

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