Shedding ourselves of our extra stuff. Give it away.

So this is the third post in this series. We have slowly and thoughtfully widdled our extra stuff down. We have decided what we want to keep and what we don’t. Maybe we found a few items we wish to sell. The rest we now need to find new homes for. For me personally, family is very important to me so they get first crack so to speak at this stuff. For me I have family and friends that may want some of this stuff. I will start with my two adult kids, are there things they would like to have? If so let them have it. Next my sister and cousins, I have things they may want, so I will share that with them. Being the oldest of the oldest has sort of made me the keeper of the family stuff. I really dislike this role and feel it is a bit of a burden sometimes. I do feel sometimes that passing these items to them would be passing that burden to them. But I guess that is there choice. What remains still needs a home though. Find local charities or organizations that can put your items to use.

It is important to remember at some point you may have items you decided you did not need and it seams no one wants them. You must be okay with the going to the landfill. Don’t change your mind and hang onto these item. Be strong and remember keeping these items at this point only makes you feel better and has not purpose. A simple life is a happy life.

Shedding ourselves of our extra stuff. Maybe sell it?

Once you have those items you feel comfortable letting go of, how do you do it. After all you have them for a reason right? Some may mean to you. Some may have been collect with some intent in mind. Maybe some were as an investment, to sell at a later date.

Well here it get tricky and depends a little bit on your circumstance. The easy way out, would be to pile it all up and donate it. That does feel a bit cold after all you had this stuff for a reason. If you decide not to just donate it in bulk, you need a plan, a strategy. You can go a couple different ways depending on how much stuff you have and honestly on its value to others. Maybe it is worth your time and effort to sell your extra stuff. This could be a rummage sale, an online auction or an online sales site. If you go this route try to remember your time has value too and you might be turning your stuff into a burden on yourself. This is a decision only you can make. For myself, I have a few collectable items and I will be selling those online. But the majority of what I have is not worth my time and energy to try to sell. My stuff has more sentimental value than monetary value.

Down sizing takes strategy

If you have been a collector like me you too have way more stuff than you need or even want at this point. Deciding how to get rid of things is not always easy, so some kind of strategy is needed. I have developed an simple and straight forward way of looking at what you have and deciding what you should keep. You can do this house wide or as I am going to do it, room by room.

First start with those things you need. These include things you need day to day, personal hygiene items, some cloths (not necessarily everything), furniture that meets your day to day needs and so on. Those items are the easy ones, you use them often and regularly.

Next up are those things you wish to keep for personal reasons. This gets a little bit tricky, but you need to be honest with yourself. They are special to you for some reason, sentimental items or family heirlooms. Maybe it is an item you want to pass on to the next generation or share with them at some point. Now looking at these items, if there are a lot, do you really need all of them? Can you get by with a few? Would someone else value them as much as you and you can share that with them? One thing I think about here, is when I pass and my kids have to go threw my stuff, will I be placing a burden on them with the items I have.

Next week we will continue this process with way to shed ourselves of our extra stuff.

A Pleasant Surprise

So in my mind I have been scrambling and juggling at least a dozen different tasks and event. In the process it seems I lost a week. What I mean as I was trying to fit everything in that I feel like I need to do, I placed myself into next weeks calendar by mistake. The result was more panic and pressure on myself to get things done. It came as great surprise to myself that it was not October 17th, but the 10th. I gave myself the greatest gift of all “Time”. LOL.

Not only do I feel more relaxed, but it reminded me of something very important. Keep your focus on those things that are most important. Something we have been talking about a lot at church. If you try to do everything you will do nothing well.

Mother Nature has become my Arch nemesis

As the cold weather creeps in I scrabble to finish up a few thing that need to be done on the outside of the bus. Mostly solar panel installations. It just feels like Mother Nature is mocking me, beautiful days throughout the week and cold and rainy on the weekend. I think I may have to take a couple days off work if this continues. So fracking frustrating! Hopefully, this weekend will be kind to me. Fingers crossed.

Down size challenge

I have spent most my life as a collector and as a result I have way to many thing. And to be honest, the stuff does not make me happy. The challenge is finding a way to rid myself of all that stuff. Time is currently by biggest challenge and as the colder weather come I should have more time for this. I guess the biggest challenge I face to the family items I now have. I have stuff that was my mom’s and my grandparents. Most that stuff is in rubber mate totes in the basement. How do you decide what to part with and then how do you do it. I could pass some of this on to other family members, but is this really passing the buck? Going to have to tackle this soon.

Just want to share this thought

So this wont be a long post, but it is something that has been on my mind for several months. Memorial Day Weekend we were home in Iowa to visit family. And as usual we were putting flowers on graves. Well it was pointed out to me that next year, I will be the same age my dad was when he passed. I had never really though about it and it hit me kind of hard. I guess the biggest take away is that tomorrow is never promised. So two simple questions comes to mind when you realize this. If you were on your death bed to today, what do you wish you would have done more of? And second, what is stopping you?

Not a Fail!

So I made it to the DMV late night, but came up short on getting Prudence register as an RV. I went with all my paperwork and pictures of all the work done. I met all the state requirements to register her. But, apparently you need a state inspection. No were is this listed as a requirement, so I will be going back on Friday. Part of me thinks, they just did not know what do do with this kind of title change and part thinks they just want to see it out of curiosity.

We were getting her road ready last night and discovered one turning signal is out. So part ordered and will be done Thursday night. Just in time for the DMV. We do have a backup plan just incase we run into more issues with the DMV. I will share those next week if we have to go that route. Simple Life equals Happy Life!

Feeling Pretty Good

As I look at my list of to dues on Prudence I’m feeling pretty good. The punch list is getting smaller. Just finishing the composting toilet and building a seat for Paula to ride on. I guess my biggest concern is finding time in my work schedule to get to the DMV. This time of the year is so crazy busy at work. I would rather go sooner than later though, in case I run into bureaucratic headaches.