Green Swamp and Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Just got this weeks video up. Sorry about it being a couple days late, but I was traveling. This week I share my exploration of the Green Swamp Wildlife Management Area. It was very nice, but a wet and humid day so I didn’t do as much as I would have liked to. Then I made my way over to Tampa Bay to catch a baseball game. One more stadium off the bucket list!

You can find the video here:

Fantastic Weekend

This weekend, my wonderful girlfriend kidnapped me and took me to the Chicago Botanical Garden. Such a beautiful place and I can easily imagine it changes with the seasons, so we will have to go back. I took so many wonderful pictures. You can find them here: On another subject this weeks video is now available on my YouTube channel: I got the chance to share with you some of the fantastic things we saw and did at the Kenosha Celebrate America.

Solar Panel Repair

We ran into a little problem with our solar panels. Shortly after we left Tampa Bay, one of the solar panels came lose from the roof rack on the van. It was already lose and I had tied it down with duct tape. It was actually the duct tape that kept the solar panel from flying away and maybe hitting someone or something. Fortunately there was no damage to the panel. When we got home I went to work repairing the mounting for the solar panels. I also want to send a shout out the the Florida Highway Patrol, an office stop and offered to help.

Family Time Memorial Day weekend

I love spending time with my family and being able to get everyone together is great. Here are some of the pictures I took that weekend.

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New pictures from Nashville.

One of the places I have never gotten around to seeing while in Nashville is the Greek Parthenon. Finally made it there and it was worth the trip.

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The Big Oak

I love to travel the back road, you never find the cools stuff on the interstate. In Thomasville, GA we found a gem. While driving around this beautiful little town we saw a sign on the main street for the big tree. We took a chance and followed the sign. A few blocks away our curiosity was rewarded. It is not everyday to run into a three hundred plus year old tree. Here is a little video I shop of this wind. If your every in this part of Georgia, it is defiantly worth your time to stop. Actually, I would love to go back, just to explore that Thomasville. Here is a link to the video:

Yesterday Was awesome

After getting few chores done yesterday morning, Paula took me for a ride into her past. I got to see a couple of the houses she lived in growing up. We stopped by her childhood church, but it was closed. It was a lot of fun seeing part of her past. She also took me to a forest preserve she use to go to to find herself. It was a got of fun, till the mosquitos attacked.

I do have to confess another young lady did catch my eye. We visited Orphans of the Storm Rescue shelter. This little lady, July caught my eye and is actually still on my mind. She is a 1 year old border collie.

Photo Collection from Tallahassee

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