Equipment I use in Recording

My Cameras

I use and like the SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K Action Camera.  It is a quality action camera with image stabilization that won’t break the bank.
The dash Camera I have chosen is the Vivitar – 4K Action Camera. On the dash I am looking for a good quality picture, but since it is mounted on the dash I don’t worry about image stabilization or mic quality. Although this does have a pretty good mic. For what I need, it is a super deal.

My Tripods

Camcorder Stabilizer Scorpion
Handle Grip Triple 3 Shoe Mount
Neewer Video Stabilizer for Digital Cameras, SLR’s and Camcorders

My Mics

TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone for Nikon/Canon Camera/DV Camcorder
RockDaMic Professional Lavalier Microphone